Making Hip Hop Beats Like Dr. Dre

So you wanna make hip hop beats like Dr. Dre? Dr. Dre is probably one of the most famous beat making icons in the past several decades and arguably the most famous. Dr. Dre has been around for awhile though and his success didn’t just happen overnight.

Making beats is a skill that is developed over time and not something to be done in just a few days. Most young beat makers in training believe that once you have the right software or audio workstation, the beats just come rolling out automatically. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Dr Dre Making hip hop beats

Starting out as a young DJ back in the mid-1980′s he slowly worked his way up and gained popularity through his ‘Master of Mixology’ and determination of success. He would slowly come into the limelight under the World Class Wreckin Cru banner and his first major hip hop release Surgery.

From here is was a steady climb … Ruthless Records, Death Row Records, Aftermath Entertainment, 2001, and now currently Detox, Dr. Dre has worked hard to make his name famous to hip hop beat making.

What contributes to his success is not his equipment, but his work ethic and determination. Any one can go and buy some fancy beat making software like Fruity Loops or Sonic Producer, but the bottom line is to make beats and get famous takes hard work.

We all know that famous quote from Edison, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration,” well that is true in every field, and no different in the beat making and hip hop industry. So if you want to make it big, grab some software like Sonic Producer, put your head down and go to work … who knows you may just become the next Dr Dre!

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